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Host a Pro-Life Speaker


Are you interested in hosting a pro-life speaker? ORTL has extremely skilled and experienced speakers available to speak on a variety of subjects.

Our speakers have traveled all over America, and even internationally, advocating for the pro-life movement. These speakers are available at no cost to your group, although an honorarium to cover expenses is requested.

Presentation topics include:

  • Abortion basics (how did we get here legally, what are abortion procedures, risks, etc.)
  • Pro-life apologetics and communications training
  • Post-abortive testimonies
  • Politics and lobbying


“I thought you were both very effective as speakers and at relating to a young audience.”

“I expected to just sit and listen and not have my opinion change, but you are actually a great speaker and I learned things that I had no idea about.”

“I didn’t expect to learn how serious this topic was in the US, but now, I see that.”

“I’ve never really given much thought as to how I feel about abortion. I now feel I’m against it.”

“I really appreciate how you were clear and enjoyable to listen to and you provided us relevant information.”

“You taught me some important stuff and I honestly loved the speech you gave us. Makes me think of abortions differently.”

“I hope you could go to all the schools and share what you shared with us.”

“As hard as it is to hear, your talk has given me so much courage to fight for the unborn! I hope you can come to Portland State some time and speak! Our campus needs to hear the truth from a compassionate person like you!”

“Amazing, touching, engaging speaker with a tough topic.”

“Loved her passion.”

“I did an essay on this, but I just had my eyes opened up so much more.”

“Extremely vivid and informational.”

“Very eye-opening and tangible.”

“Very good at presenting the truth of a hard subject.”

“Very informative, great speaker!”


Request a Speaker for your event

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