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Launch FAQ’s

How much does Launch cost and what does the cost include?
Launch is $200. The cost includes lodging at Macleay Christian Retreat Center, all meals, snacks, a trip up to Portland and a notebook full of cool stuff! Scholarships are available.

Who can attend Launch?
Launch is open to student-aged young adults, from ages 16-21. The Macleay Retreat Center has separate sleeping quarters for each gender, and a trusted chaperone stays with each group overnight.

Why do I need to fill an application for Launch?
Launch is an intensive four days of pro-life, leadership training. All students who attend are screened by an application process which includes essays and references, much like a college application. We do this to ensure that the students attending will be able to get the most out of their Launch experience.

Is Launch a depressing experience?
No! Though Launch deals with abortion, assisted suicide and other serious life issues, the retreat is fun, educational and inspirational for all of the people who attend. Launch is designed to train and encourage students to help defend the unborn and the vulnerable in whatever they choose to do with their lives, as well as to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Why is Launch important?
Launch is a leadership retreat that covers virtually all aspects of careers that students may eventually go into full time: educational, social, political and medical. At Launch, students learn that they don’t have to be a “professional” pro-life advocate to be an effective and life-saving pro-lifer, and that there are practical ways they can live a pro-life lifestyle and help save babies.

Where is Launch held?
Launch is held at Macleay Retreat Center. You can find directions here.

What is Oregon Right to Life?
Oregon Right to Life is Oregon’s biggest pro-life organization. Oregon Right to Life is an affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee. We are dedicated to educating Oregonians about abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia and other life issues in a compassionate, peaceful way.