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Sept-Nov 2018

Unions, Abortion and the Supreme Court

Until this year, public sector unions in Oregon have been taking mandatory dues from government employees, even non-union members. Millions of those dollars are then diverted to fund pro-abortion groups. These groups then support pro-abortion candidates for office who are committed to keeping this cycle going. If you are a public employee, you can finally…

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Are You a Public Employee Union Member?


Know your rights! Thanks to the Janus v. AFSCME decision, you have the right to work for a government employer and not pay union dues that may be used to promote abortion and pro-abortion candidates. The Freedom Foundation is an organization that helps union members exercise their rights. They put together a website where you…

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Belgium euthanized three children ages 9, 11, and 17

When Belgium extended euthanasia to children in February 2014 by eliminating the age limit for lethal injection, we had hoped that no child would die in this manner. The first official child euthanasia in Belgium was reported in September 2016. The 2017 Belgian euthanasia data shows that the number of euthanasia deaths continues to increase,…

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My Favorite Moments

marcos sanchez

On June 18, 2018, I began work with the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation as the events assistant. As a recent high school graduate beginning my first job, I didn

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