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June-August 2017

ORTLEF Contest Winners

ortl contest winners

Congratulations to the first, second, and third place winners in the recent ORTLEF Essay, Drawing, Oratory, and Short Film Contests. Contest winners were announced at the annual conference. To view all the winners works of art visit our Contest Winners 2017 page.                     ORATORY CONTEST:

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The Story of a Prudent Benefactor

stock gifts

Like so many adults, Prudence owns stock. She has retirement accounts and investment accounts, which include mutual funds and individual stocks. Periodically, Prudence reviews her portfolio to see which securities are increasing in value and which are declining. Some of her holdings have appreciated nicely over time. Being charitably minded toward Oregon Right to Life…

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The Truth About Planned Parenthood Closures


Hardly a month goes by without reading that another Planned Parenthood facility is closing. The news is received with much joy and fanfare. Each and every closure is a victory because it will impact the number of babies and parents who will be spared the horrific ramifications of abortion. But, before we uncork the champagne…

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