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February-March 2016

California Law Forces Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions

In late December, two district court judges ruled that a new law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion can go into effect. The law will force 150 local pregnancy support centers, including 74 state-licensed facilities, to give all clients information that includes the phone number of a county social services office that provides abortions…

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It Haunts Me


My abortion at Eugene-Springfield Planned Parenthood By Mariana It was July 2014 when I knew I was pregnant. I made an appointment with [Planned Parenthood] and they confirmed it. The staff member (I

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Students Stand Fearlessly


Students who came for their own rally in downtown Portland after the Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally got more than they expected. They came for music, pizza, reports from campus pro-lifers, and a great speech from Lila Rose. What they didn

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