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PRESS RELEASE: Senator Kruse Betrays His Constituents

Senator Kruse Betrays His Constituents,


  1. Kate Foley on June 10, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Give us more information on the “names” of insurance lobbyists and right-to-die proponents. I am shocked that one angry person could make such a personal wish blossom into such a huge catastrophe for so many vulnerable citizens. If the Oregon bill passes, this bill will spread to other states, obviously spread by the same insurance and right-to-die proponents.

    What Political Action Pacs, Conservative Legal groups, and Conservative 501(c) 3 or 4) organizations can we tap? Every conservative radio talk show host should be notified.

    We need to bully the liberals right back with names of who authored SB 494, who voted for the bill, and those lobbyists who moved the bill forward, (and, what actions, promises, they made to have the senators vote yes.

    Kate Foley

  2. Kate Foley on June 10, 2017 at 6:39 am

    One more thought: I have repeatedly called the Oregon Alzheimer’s Association and specifically asked what their position is on SB 494. Someone was supposed to respond the next day. No response. I have since called Sara Kaufman , Public Policy Director, but have been unable to actually speak to her. Does anyone at ORTL know the State or National Alzheimer’s position on SB 494? I think they would have weighed in on this significant issue regarding the very people they represent.

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