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Archive for January 2016

Forced Abortion Common

While the stories above are extreme examples, nearly everyone who has talked to me about their abortion(s) told me they felt pressure to abort. A 2004 study by psychologist V.M. Rue, et. al., confirms this ( The research shows that 64 percent of American women felt pressured to abort and more than half were

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From the President Going Forward

I am proud that Oregon Right to Life has consistently fostered and celebrated the increased participation and vision of our next generation of leaders standing for life and provided opportunities for them to express their voice for the voiceless. We join with their drive and determination that their generation will see greater laws enacted to…

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Year-End Giving: Things to Remember

Charitable giving benefits you, as well as Oregon Right to Life! You will enjoy knowing that your generosity has made a difference and will help Oregon Right to Life fulfill its life-saving mission. And, of course, there are usually tax benefits related to charitable giving. Appreciated assets, like stock or real estate, can make great…

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Utilize the Moment

While mainstream media outlets may choose to ignore the ongoing scandal, you hold in your hand tremendous power to share the truth. Use your smart phone to share and discuss the reality of abortion. There are many ways to do this. Here are some suggestions of where to direct the conversation. Talk about the baby.…

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